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Isn't it time to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle? Experience the benefits of aquatic fitness where you relax more and sleep better, joint pain and discomfort is reduced, and exercise is something you look forward to. With TruSwim and our patent pending design, the wider, smooth, even resistance swim path assures an efficient workout where you can achieve your fitness goals more efficiently than any other swim spa on the market. Discover how warm water relaxation and aquatic fitness is more affordable and easier to own than you once thought

Plastic Development Co., Inc. is known in the industry for their manufacturing expertise and progressive product design. Professional sports teams across the USA are reaping the benefits of hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise with their fine products. PDC Spas is known as the leader in swim spa production and design, now leading the industry with the introduction of a patent pending design with their unprecedented aquatic exercise machine, TruSwim™.


TruSwim™ is the game changer in the race for the most effective aquatic exercise. This patent pending hydraulic dual propulsion design delivers the widest, most evenly balanced resistance current for an unparalleled workout. Unlike any other swim spa, TruSwim™ leads in an efficient water fitness routine, customizable and beneficial to all those interested in a healthier lifestyle, from the training athlete to the joint pain sufferer.

Extensive research and development in designing the perfect aquatic fitness machine was invested by this American manufacturer. The TruSwim™ products were not only tested in a laboratory setting, but put to the real test by those most experienced in water fitness. Competitive swimmers, swim coaches, arthritis sufferers and open marathon swimmers experienced the performance of TruSwim™, offering their opinions and suggestions helping us bring the ultimate in design and function to you; TruSwim™.